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Personal coaching

Coaching is an essential part in leadership development, team building, and and overall organizational health. Teams and/or individuals learn through self discovery, personal development, and practical applications of acquired skills to establish healthy relationships at work and at home.

leadership training

Every organization hinges on healthy leadership and relationships. Through proper training and focus, teams and individuals will gain the empowering skills to lead with creativity, flexibility, vulnerability, and adaptability.

conflict resolution

Conflict is inevitable. However, with the right tools, conflict can be an opportunity for personal and organizational growth. In fact, without healthy conflict, individuals and organization can never reach their full potential.


Launching Point helps teams understand how to work together and maximize the efficiency of the group process.  We help individuals perform at their best while learning to work in sync with other team members. As greater integration of team members occurs, organizational health improves, and the team’s performance is maximized.


Certifications & Affiliates

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To partner with individuals and organizations for the purpose of helping and supporting them as they reach their full potential in overall health, purpose, vision, and goals. This help and support is achieved through team building, workshops, assessments, seminars, personal coaching and/or team coaching, lunch & learns, and mastermind groups.



“Creative adaptability is the key to successful conversation.”


Not only in theory,
but in practice.

I haven’t always been on the path that led me here. As a young man, my lack of purpose, direction, and sense of self-worth kept me in a perpetual state of meaningless pursuits and failed relationships. It took a mentor to redirect me and launch me into a brand new outlook of opportunities. Now through my education, training, and 30 years of experience, I am helping individuals and businesses launch themselves into greater heights and new beginnings.

GALON JONES,  CEO/Trainer/Coach


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