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Launching Point provides direction at three critical crossroads of  every organization; strategic, structural, and relational needs within the system. When synergies of thought are aligned within an organization, productivity and general happiness at the workplace surge, resulting in a healthier and more profitable environment. Through team building, workshops, assessments, seminars, personal and/or team coaching, and more, Launching Point is ready to identify and nurture the shared understanding within your work environment.




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Coaching is an essential part in leadership development, team building, and overall organizational health. The most effective forms of self-discipline are never generated alone. Teams and individuals learn through self discovery, personal development and practical applications of acquired skills to establish healthy connections at work and at home.


Leadership is synonymous with influence. Every organization hinges on healthy leadership and relationships. Through proper training and focus, teams and individuals will gain the empowering skills to lead with creativity, vulnerability, and adaptability, which carries the power of influence throughout communities.


Helping teams understand how to work together and maximize the efficiency of the group process.  Individuals perform at their best while learning to work in sync with other team members. As greater integration of team members occurs, organizational health improves, and team’s work performance and overall profits are maximized.


Conflict is inevitable. However, with the right tools, it can be an opportunity for personal and organizational growth. In fact, without healthy conflict, individuals and organization can never reach their full potential. Launching Point employs strategies that help us identify those opportunities and leverage them into business growth and wellness.


Galon trains and coaches in one of the most effective ways that I have experienced. He does it in such a way that he helps draw out the full potential in the individual or organization. With the client’s end result in mind, Galon provides a specific strategy so that his clients move to an understanding of what they need to do, not simply in theory, but in practical application of learned skills. His practical approach to leadership development and team building equips individuals and organizations so they can obtain a healthier work environment and home life. He has constantly demonstrated successful results through this manner of training and coaching.
— Bryan W. | V.P. of Operations | Brinkman Corp.


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